Virtual Instructional Coaching

Engaging in a virtual instructional coaching cycle is an excellent opportunity for a teacher to hone in on one or more meaningful growth areas.  The six week cycle centers on the use of video as a concrete source of evidence of one’s teaching practice. Then reflection leads to the identification of goals and drives new learning and implementation of new strategies.

2018-2019 Coaching Cycle Schedule

October-November 2018

January-February 2019

March-April 2019

*Spaces are limited, so please enquire for availability


Week 1

Lynne has initial conversation via Skype or FaceTime with teacher to explain the process, make sure the teacher is comfortable, and answer any questions.

Week 2

Teacher records 1 class and uploads to platform. Lynne watches the class and gathers data.  Teacher uses tool to reflect on video footage.

Weeks 3-5

Conversation via Skype or FaceTime to set goals and ID strategies early in week 3. During weeks 3 through 5, teacher implementation of identified strategies and submission 2 recordings each week.  Lynne provides feedback and shares pertinent data with the teacher. In weeks 4 and 5, Lynne and teacher check in via Skype or FaceTime.

Week 6

Lynne has concluding conversation with teacher via Skype or FaceTime

Technology Requirements

Teacher will need an internet connection to access the secure video platform and enable Skype or FaceTime conversations.

Teacher will need an iOS or Android device to record lessons and upload video to the platform.

Teacher will need access to a tripod on which to mount the recording device.