Project and Grading

At the conclusion of this workshop, you will receive a grade calculated as follows:

Attendance and Participation – 45 points
I expect all participants to be present and actively engaged in each session. For each of the 9 sessions, you will receive up to 5 points for your participation.   Points may be deducted for tardiness.

Project – 55 points
As a culminating project for this class you’ll be creating a cohesive lesson plan or student project plan that incorporates a minimum of 3 of the tools/techniques presented in the course. Alternately, participants may choose to create several plans that each incorporate a single technique. You’ll be presenting your project/work to the rest of the class on Friday morning. Please complete the project template document and upload your completed template and any additional materials to the shared dropbox folder by 10:30 pm on Thursday, July 26th.


  • Demonstrates concern for student engagement (10 points)
  • Incorporates at least 3 tech tools or 3 activities each incorporating 1 tool (10 points)
  • Appropriately reflects a week’s work (10 points)
  • Focused on either teaching or learning (5 points)
  • Complete, clear, helpful project template (5 points)
  • Necessary handouts or materials are provided (5 points)
  • Organized and clear presentation to peers (5 points)
  • Project turned in by the deadline (5 points)