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Συνοδία (sunodia) is an ancient Greek word that describes a journey that one takes with companions.  My goal in working with educators is to foster growth and innovation in the areas of instructional practice and curriculum development by offering meaningful learning opportunities and sustained support during implementation.


About Me

A passion for teaching and supporting teachers.

I am a veteran educator with over fifteen years of experience in both teaching and teacher leadership in K-12 schools.  I am committed to partnering with teachers in their professional growth to create a plan that is truly individualized and tailored to each teachers needs.  I have a wealth of valuable experience working with teachers in all stages of their careers.  In my own teaching, I use my strong foundation in backward curricular planning and cooperative learning to design creative and engaging lessons.

As a teacher, I’ve enjoyed developing lessons that incorporate technology in a meaningful way.  I love helping teachers see the many ways that technology can benefit our students. My technology trainings are designed to provide plenty of opportunities for teachers to have hands-on practice time so that they feel confident using the tools that they will teach with.

I founded Sunodia Educational Consulting to share my passion for teaching with my fellow educators by providing creative, tailored, and patient professional development services.  I earned my teaching credential from Santa Clara University, my master’s degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and my bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Los Angeles.


Services Offered

I value opportunities to work collaboratively with school leadership to address the specific needs of the community.


Instructional Coaching

Individualized mentoring of a teacher through a coaching cycle of reflection, goal setting, learning, and implementation.  Coaching can be done in-person or virtually.

Curricular Planning

Guide teachers in the development of curricular units using the backward design process.  Meet with groups of teachers at the team or department level to facilitate the curriculum writing process.

Technology Integration

Classroom centered technology training delivered in context to increase teachers confidence with and creative integration of technology.



Lynne West understands the 21 st century learner and how curriculum writing translates to the classroom and student engagement by helping teachers find real-world examples to draw students into the learning process. Lynne has been tremendously helpful in working with our faculty both in person and online. Her focus with individual teachers or departments has been customized to meet their needs in the curriculum development and review process, ensuring alignment between content, assessment, and the learning plan. Not only have I seen the results on paper but also in the classroom. Lessons are more intentional and refined, leading to stronger instruction and positive student outcomes!

Jeanne Whittington, Assistant Principal, Canisius High School, Buffalo NY

After several years teaching English full time, I discovered a need in my classes for more varied assessments around writing instruction. Observing my class and discussing my own reflections, Lynne provided me with both helpful research specific to the content of my class and valuable lessons from her years of teaching experience. As a result, I was able to shift the focus of my assessments from drafting in stages to targeting the development of specific skills that would help my students write more confidently. As I develop new units and lesson plans, these benefits of Lynne’s coaching continue to be very valuable.

Ben Sigrist, Bellarmine College Prep, San José CA