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Συνοδία (sunodia) is an ancient Greek word that describes a journey that one takes with companions.  My goal in working with educators is to foster growth and innovation in the areas of instructional practice and curriculum development by offering meaningful learning opportunities and sustained support during implementation.


About Me

A passion for supporting teachers as they grow

I am a veteran educator with over fifteen years of experience in both teaching and teacher leadership in K-12 schools.  I am committed to partnering with schools to support teachers in their professional growth. I believe that professional growth opportunities must be individualized and tailored to meet a school’s needs. To this end, I value working with school’s to provide meaningful learning opportunities for teachers and sustained support throughout the implementation process.

In my own teaching, my goal has always been to plan and deliver rigorous and engaging lessons. I have been able to lean on my strong foundations in backward curricular planning, differentiation, and cooperative learning to ensure that my curriculum and instruction are effective.

I am a Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching awardee and spent the first 6 months of 2016 in the Netherlands conducting a research project. This award offered me the opportunity to think about professional growth in news ways.

I founded Sunodia Educational Consulting to share my passion for teaching with my fellow educators by providing creative, tailored, and patient professional development services.  I earned my teaching credential from Santa Clara University, my master’s degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and my bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Services Offered

I value opportunities to work collaboratively with school leadership to address the specific needs of the community.


Instructional Coaching

Strategic planning and support of new coaching programs. Additionally, individualized mentoring of teachers through a coaching cycle of reflection, goal setting, learning, and implementation.  Coaching can be done in-person or virtually.

Curricular Planning

Guide teachers in the development of curricular units using the backward design process.  Meet with groups of teachers at the team or department level to facilitate the curriculum writing process.

Technology Integration

Classroom centered technology training delivered in context to increase teachers confidence with and creative integration of technology.



Lynne’s holistic approach to technology-enhanced learning is inspiring. She emphasized technology should not be the sprinkles on top of the teaching/learning environment, it should be integrated into teaching strategy and effective learning. Her one week workshop is an excellent teaching example: clear explanations, classroom pace tailored to student’s need, methodologic guidance, etc. She provided us with lots of materials, and always ensured we had enough time to practice, to exchange ideas, and ask questions. We learned so much from her and from each other. I left the workshop with many new teaching ideas and cannot wait to apply them in my own classroom. Thank you Lynne for having offered such a fantastic workshop and made the learning so enjoyable!

Xiaofu Ding, The Madeira School, McLean VA

I took Lynne West’s weeklong course at the Taft Educational Center for 21st Century Technology in a Latin classroom in 2014. Lynne did an excellent job explaining so many websites, applications, and other ideas that will definitely enhance my own classroom. Her skill as a teacher goes far beyond just being tech-savvy. Lynne was incredibly patient, thoughtful, and willing to trouble shoot all of our needs. I’ve already started using some things she taught me – and am grateful for the experience to learn from her.


Anna Lall, Medfield High School, Medfield MA