Prezi Video

Over the last few months, when I’ve talked with teachers about what is working well in remote and hybrid classrooms, video comes up.  There are so many great tools that both teachers and students can use to create videos ranging from simple to highly sophisticated.  Prezi Video is a video creation platform that is simple to use but has some of the features of more sophisticated software that make it appealing to both teachers and students.  In a Prezi video, we can toggle the view between the speaker, the content, or a dynamic combination of the two.  The result is an engaging video that prioritizes the elements in the way that is most impactful.  Prezi walks the user through the process of creating the video step by step.  There are a number of templates to select from to start the process.  After selecting the template, the user adds the visual content one frame at a time.  The visual content can be text or image.  When the user has created all the frames, the next step is recording the video.  During the recording, the user can change between having the visual content full screen, the speaker full screen, or a fun combination of the two.  The final step is sharing the video via a link so that everyone can view it.  A Prezi video is a great choice for introducing students to a new concept, author, theme or historical period.  It’s an equally effective way for students to share their learning with their teacher and classmates.   Students can use Prezi to create videos on a grammatical concept, an important historical figure, or a passage explication.  Check it out at and click on Prezi Video.

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