Classkick is a web tool that allows the teacher to monitor student work, provide help, and offer feedback in real time.  It is a great help to teachers who are teaching remotely or in a hybrid model.  The Classkick interface resembles a slide interface to a degree.  The teacher can put instructions, an activity, or prompt on one or more slides.  When the slides are prepared, the teacher shares a link with students.  Students click on the link to bring up the slides and they begin to perform whatever tasks are presented on the slide.  For example, the teacher may put an image on a slide  and ask students to write 3 sentences that describe the image. When students access the slide, they will each be able to either type their sentences on the slide or handwrite them with a stylus.  The students can raise a virtual hand to indicate that they have a question and chat with the teacher in real time within Classkick. As students are working on the activity, the teacher has a birds eye view of each student’s slide.  The teacher can zoom in to a particular student’s slide to check on progress and answer any questions.  The teacher can provide written feedback to the student directly on the slide.  A particularly nice feature is that the teacher can create custom stickers to use as feedback.  The stickers stay in the teacher’s Classkick profile so they can be reused in subsequent activities.  Creating custom stickers for the types of feedback that we frequently give to students is a great time-saver.  Take a look at!

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