If you are looking for an alternative to PowerPoint to create visuals for a presentation, PowToon is worth checking out.  PowToon is an online tool with a free account option that allows the user to create an animated video or presentation.  There are also paid plans for teachers that include additional features. In the past, I have tried a couple of programs to create animated examples for students.  I found that the learning curve of these programs was very steep.  PowToon is a much simpler interface and, after checking out the helpful tutorials, I understood the process of creating a simple animated video.  There are a wide variety of templates that the user can employ as a starting point then customize to fit the particular topic. For the more adventurous, the option of animating from scratch is always available.  I have noticed that the site regularly adds new templates and features so there always seems to be new inspiration.  I have used PowToon to animate examples of various grammar structures that I’m teaching.   I find myself needing to share lots and lots of examples with students and like to find a variety of tools for sharing those examples to stave off monotony.  PowToon is one of my go-to tools for this purpose. PowToon is also simple enough for students to use easily to create videos demonstrating their own learning.  To explore this tool a little more, visit www.powtoon.com. Don’t forget to check out the tutorials they provide.

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