At my school, our students take their semester final exams in December before the holiday break.  I wanted to find some fun and creative ways for the students to review in preparation for the exam.  I had read about an app called GooseChase that would allow me to leverage technology to run a scavenger hunt and decided to try it out. On the GooseChase web platform, the teacher creates tasks, called “missions” for the students to complete. To participate in the scavenger hunt, students need the GooseChase iOS app downloaded to an iPhone or iPad.  I found it fairly simple to input my “missions” into the online platform.  There are four different types of missions to choose from: photo missions, video missions, text based missions, and GPS missions.  I used a combination of all four types to keep interest high.  I had students submit pictures of items around campus that illustrate vocabulary we had studied.  Some missions required students to work out a clue and “check in” from the location indicated by the clue.  Other missions instructed students to create a video explaining or demonstrating a concept we had studied.  For each mission, I assigned a point value.  Some missions were quick and easy and, therefore, earned fewer points than more complex tasks.  On the day that we played, I made sure that the students had downloaded the app and created a free account. I assigned students into teams, told the teams that they had 15 minutes to earn as many points as possible, and hit the start button on the GooseChase online platform.  My students had a very fun and active review session using GooseChase. To learn more, visit

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