Webjets is a virtual desktop; a space where you can gather all kinds of digital resources, group them, connect them, and add to them.  It is akin to an enormous white board or a classroom bulletin board but resides online rather than in your physical classroom. The user simply creates a board in Webjets and then uses the board as a space to gather and visually display digital resources by creating cards for each different resource.  A card and be a typed note, a YouTube video, a website, an image, a PDF, a Google Doc, a file from your computer, and more. The user can drag a file, image, or link into the board space and Webjets will automatically create the card. The cards can be connected to each other using a mind mapping tool or organized into lists, tables, and folders.  Entire boards can be shared or individual cards so collaboration is a snap. A finished board can be published so that it is viewable via a link. For teachers, Webjets offers a single location for organization of instructional materials. Rather than having a PowerPoint file, several weblinks, and Google Doc open, a teacher can navigate to the appropriate board in Webjets. Boards can be nested inside other boards, so a teacher can have a board for an instructional unit and then drill down into a weekly and even daily board.  There’s lots of flexibility and, in my opinion, it’s a pretty fun tool to play around with. On the student side, this is a great tool for organizing research on a topic. Students find it useful to have all their materials in one place and to flexibly organize it in an intuitive manner. Students can share their boards with teachers by publishing them to generate a shareable URL. Teachers and students are eligible for free “pro” accounts. To check it out and get started, visit www.webjets.io.

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