Wakelet is an online content curation tool for creating multimedia collections of resources that can be easily shared.  By using the Wakelet extension for  Chrome or Edge, the user can easily bookmark any website and add it to a curated collection in their Wakelet account.  Then, the user can edit the collection to organize the links, add in explanatory text, PDFs of their own related content, links to podcast episodes, and even record short videos.  The result is a rich, varied, multimedia collection of resources on a particular topic.  I like Wakelet for three different case uses.  First, as a way to share carefully selected materials with students.  I love the idea of a thematic Wakelet for a unit.  The teacher can pull together various high quality resources on the theme of the unit.  The collection is shareable with students via a link but also integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams or OneNote.  There are certainly other ways to share important links with students, but Wakelet allows the teacher to organize, explain, and order the resources in a compelling way.  Similarly, a teacher could assign students to generate a collection on an assigned topic.  Groups of students can collaborate on a single collection and share it via a link with the teacher and/or the rest of the class.  Second, Wakelet is a good tool for students to use for their own learning portfolio.  They can create a collection at the start of the academic year where they periodically upload important demonstrations of their learning.  They can add written or video reflections on their growth and progress throughout the academic year.  Lastly, Wakelet is a great tool for sharing resources with colleagues, departments, or professional learning communities.  Wakelet is free and has a really great guide for educators available for download.  Check it out at https://learn.wakelet.com

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