LucidPress is a web-based design tool for creating publications such as flyers, posters, newsletters, and magazines.  It has an intuitive interface and really nice templates that result in a great final product. It is much more straightforward than other layout programs, many of which have a steep learning curve. LucidPress uses drag and drop functionality and provides a variety of export options, including the option to embed the publication in a website or LMS.  My students have worked in groups on creating a magazine focused on their reading of Caesar.  Each group was required to have a variety of different types of articles, images and maps. They authored the content themselves and went through a peer review cycle.  Then, they used LucidPress to create an online magazine with all of their articles and media.  I gave them one 50-minute period of class time to do the layout and publication. Once published, the students simply shared the link to their magazine with me.  In addition to using it for class projects, I think it has some other exciting applications.  It would be a great way to publish a class newsletter.  I would like to use it to create a visual syllabi and course guides for my classes next year.  Both teachers and students are eligible for free upgraded accounts with LucidPress provided that a school e-mail address is used to generate the account.  To get started, visit www.lucidpress.comand scroll down to find the “For Education” button.

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