Adobe Spark

In the spring, I read a blog post about a free online tool called Adobe Spark.  I was very interested in what I read and couldn’t wait to try it out.  Spark gives the user the tools to create three different products: a post, a page, or a video.  Up to now, I’ve checked out the page creation tool and am really impressed with it. The page creation tool enables the user to develop a responsive and dynamic webpage enhanced by a number of interesting features.  It is easy to add headlines, text blocks, images, web links, video clips and galleries. The user interface is nicely designed and it really couldn’t be simpler to create a very polished and sophisticated finished product.  There are great examples on the Adobe Spark website that will get you thinking about possible classroom applications.  I am excited to use it in a couple of different ways with my students.  I think it’s the perfect tool for students to gather together their research on a particular topic and share their learning with both me and their classmates.  Each page generated using Adobe Spark has a unique URL, so “collecting” these digital assignments is really straightforward.  I’m also looking forward to the mythology projects that my students will create. We are currently reading selections of Ovid’s Metamorphosesand, after reading a few sections together, students will be selecting a myth to read in small groups.  Each group will use Adobe Spark to create a page that tells their story enriched with images, art, and background information.  To learn more about Adobe Spark, visit

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