Formative is a website that enables teachers to create a variety of types of formative assessments and both gather and respond to student answers in real time.  It works with any internet ready device: PC, Mac, iPad, tablet, or smart phone.  I have used it to do quick exit tickets at the end of class as well as to check in with students about what questions they have about previously learned material. I really like how easy it is to create so many different types of assessments.  I especially like having the ability to upload a document or PDF of my own and add response fields.  Another great feature is the “show your work” field that teachers can add to the formative activity.  I love asking my students to draw a selection from the reading and label it using the text.  This feature is also great for having students show how they might break down a complex sentence.   It is very easy for me to give them quick feedback on their work.  Formative has a very active online community which is a wonderful source of information and inspiration.  To get started visit

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