I recently learned about Sutori, an online interactive timeline creator.  I was excited to give it a try because timelines and sequencing of events seem to come up frequently in my classes.  I often find myself looking for new ways to present this type of information.  Sutori’s user interface is simple, streamlined, and very clear.  To create a timeline, called a “story” in Sutori lingo, the user begins the process by clicking the plus button and continues to do so to add each new piece of information.  The plus button brings up the option to add several different types of content:  text, image, video, audio, “did you know?, multiple choice or matching quizzes, and a discussion forum.  The user simply selects which type of content to add and then follows the required steps. It is all really straightforward and works smoothly.  It is equally simple to share the timeline with students via a link or by embedding the timeline in a website.  I think that this would be a great way for students to keep track of important events in the texts by adding text, images, and even audio readings to a timeline. Because Sutori allows for collaboration, it doesn’t have to be an individual assignment.  Students can use Sutori to create a digital portfolio and reflect on their growth. It will yield a product that is easily shareable with parents, teachers, and peers.  To start playing with Sutori, visit their website:

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