In the weeks before final exams, I often find myself looking for additional practice opportunities for my students.  Some of them need more vocabulary work, others need to practice forms and grammar structures, and still others want more practice with reading comprehension. Wizer.me is an interactive worksheet platform that is really easy to use to generate lots of different types of practice opportunities.  Within a few minutes, using the wizer.me web interface, teachers can create worksheets to share with students that contain many different types of questions and activities.  There are a couple of types of activities that I find particularly useful.  For example, I can upload an image and have students label that image with new vocabulary.  My students have found the sorting activity beneficial.  We’ve used it to practice various kinds of groupings.  For vocabulary practice, I like the matching activity.  I input either synonym pairs or antonym pairs for students to practice with.  The students have to click on the first word and drag a virtual string to connect it to its pair.  Giving students access to the worksheets simply requires sharing a link or code with them.  Wizer.me also integrates nicely with Google Classroom, Microsoft OneNote, and other learning management systems.  To try it for yourself, go to www.wizer.me.

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