Insert Learning

Insert Learning is a unique tool that enhances any website by allowing a teacher to add notes, supplementary links, comprehension questions, or discussion threads. Technically, it is an extension for the Google Chrome browser which means that it is a quick download and is added to your tool bar in Chrome.  When you find a website that you want to build a lesson or assignment around for your students, you click on the Insert Learning icon within Chrome to bring up a simple set of tools.  As the teacher, you can highlight important vocabulary, terms, or ideas.  You can add a sticky note that contains background information, an annotation task, a link for more on the topic, or even a YouTube link. You can insert questions wherever you would like students to have the chance to respond.  Finally, you can add in the opportunity to start a discussion.  When you have enriched the website with your own content and questions, you can assign it to a class of students.  The most streamlined way to share is using Google Classroom, but there are options to share via another LMS or a link.  It is important to note that our students must also use the Chrome browser in order to access the enhanced website.  To complete the assignment, students investigate the site, read, answer questions and contribute to the discussions.  The teacher can view student responses from the teacher dashboard.  Insert Learning has a myriad of interesting applications in the classroom.  I am particularly excited to use it as I am developing a new unit on medieval Latin.  My students have some background reading on a variety of topics related to the Middle Ages.  I like that Insert Learning provides me with a great tool to help them be active readers. I can ask them to highlight, annotate, and respond as they are reading.    I have found the Insert Learning resources very helpful in getting started.  To check it out, visit:

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