Peter Ferrari, Bellarmine College Prep, San José CA

Lynne worked with me as I attempted to make my writing feedback more specific and helpful. As an English teacher, I have always struggled to provide valuable writing feedback in a timely, sustainable way. Thus, I met with Lynne, and we developed a plan for improvement. First, she helped me by guiding some initial research that I did related to best grading practices. We discussed the research, and we agreed that more specific, standards-based rubrics with student friendly language would provide better feedback for students. She helped guide me as I adapted the rubrics and created lessons to introduce the new rubrics to my students. After the new process was implemented, she helped me evaluate the new system. Together, we found that the new system provides feedback that is more valuable, specific, and easier to understand, and my students appreciate the work that I have undertaken to provide better feedback. Additionally, I have seen their writing greatly improve, and I look forward to starting my next year with these positive changes. Thank you, Lynne!